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10 Places for Your Sexual Rendezvous

Posted in Uncategorized by desiresecrets on June 16, 2008
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Only 10, you may wonder? Do you think 10 is such an exuberant number? Just try to make a list of how many kinky places you have sexually impressed, excepting every inch of your house.

Strange as it may seem many couples have sex within their apartments only, be it in the shower, on the kitchen table and pardon for my inadvertence to mention about their beloved “exhausted” bed. Oh… are these the most eccentric places where most of us would like to copulate?

In fact, there are plenitudes of places that could easily transform your boring sexual encounters in fantastic sex sessions. How about making love:

On limousine’s 4 wheels
What can be more exciting than having sex in a spacious automobile? The idea itself seems to be very appealing and most couples like to hire jumbo limousines for this purpose only. To drink a glass of champagne, delight strawberries with whipped cream and engage in an incredible auto sex… No more comments!

In a large swimming pool
Water makes people get more excited. Partners see their bodies wet, more supple and erect. The buoyancy allows great thrusting with less efforts while water has the property to relax and sooth making orgasms closer and more explosive. However, water may kill one’s natural lubrication and makes entry more difficult. Opt for a hotel pool rather than for a local swimming pool, as the former one implies more confidence and solitude.

Among pop corns
Of course, in the cinema, while receiving messages with an erotic content. Find a secluded place and let your adrenaline boost! Realizing that there is somebody around who could see you there in the dark adds more perkiness and craziness to your quickie.

Soft back seat of a cab
Why should you await for that passionate sex in the bedroom if it could happen right now, right here, on the back seat of this cab? I think it’s a come-hither idea and should be implemented in practice!

On a train towards the Big O
Just find a secluded place there and don’t hesitate to engage is some swaying motions! It truly works wonders!

Fresh air, scented grass and birds’ cheering
An al fresco that should be never forgotten. Just delight the finery of this beautiful countryside around you and show Mother Nature what miracles it works with your sexual appetite.

In a Club
Horny, wet and super-excited… And all these in a club! Which is the solution? Of course – the restroom! There you could perform the most outrageous oral sessions and memorable quickies.

On the beach
Again on Mother’s Nature shoulders. On the sand, beneath sparkling stars and mysterious moon, listening to the breeze and waves’ tingling… Very exciting- the right potion for an enjoyable lovemaking al fresco. Make sure you’ve taken a blanket with you for extra comfort!

On a boat
Like Pam and Lee… a glamorous movie-style sex. A small vessel is perfect for your rendezvous amid Ocean…

In the air, over USA
Make your way towards the plane’s toilet and get ready to engage in a fantastic oral sex. Then go back to your places with your blushing paramour and now dream of another over-the-Moon place you could try out. Hmm… It could happen on the Moon! Good idea!


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